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Project :

S P A C E T O U R I S M Website Development

Scope :

  • View the optimal layout for each of the website’s pages depending on the device’s screen size
  • See hover states for all interactive elements on the page
  • View each page and be able to toggle between the tabs to see new information

URLs :

Story of the Project

I recently completed the Space Tourism Multipage Website coding challenge on Frontend Mentor, using my HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript skills to create a multi-page website for a fictional space tourism company. The challenge was both fun and challenging, and it allowed me to test my design and development abilities while expanding my knowledge of responsive design and accessibility.


The Frontend Mentor crew provided a Figma UI prototype to guide my design process, and I used it to create a modern and visually appealing website with a user-friendly layout and clear navigation. The challenge required me to pay attention to details such as typography, color palettes, and UI components to ensure that the final outcome matched the design specifications.

UI Prototype on Figma
UI Prototype preview using Figma

Throughout the challenge, I encountered some roadblocks, such as layout issues and bugs, but I was able to overcome them by using my problem-solving skills and experimenting with different solutions. I also found the community of Frontend Mentor to be very supportive, and I appreciated the feedback and encouragement I received from other developers.

Overall, I’m proud of the final outcome and the skills I gained from completing this challenge. It was a great opportunity to showcase my frontend development skills and to learn new techniques and best practices. I look forward to taking on more challenges like this in the future and further honing my skills as a frontend developer.

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