Let's begin with tiny introduction.

Name : Tharusha Induwara

Age : 24

Primary and Secondary education : Royal College Panadura & Lumbini College Colombo

Higher Education : Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)

I did my O/Ls in Royal College Panadura and did A/Ls in Lumbini College Colombo. I achieved 5As, 2Bs and 2Cs for O/ls and achieved 2Bs(Including ICT) and 2Cs(Including General English).

Then I went to National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) to follow a Diploma program on Software Engineering but due to the commencement dates of University of Ruhuna (where I applied for BTech in Information Technology Degree program) I had to leave the NIBM and went to the University of Ruhuna. But again due to some complications I entered to SLIIT Metro to follow Information Systems Engineering Degree Program.


Currently, I'm following the above mentioned Information Systems Engineering Degree Program.

While following the degree program, I also working and worked as a part time website developer for multiple companies and organizations to sharpen my Sword or Knowledge and Gain Experience.

And most importantly when I have no more active projects to working on all I do is completing frontend challenges on "Frontend Mentor" platform.

You will be able to see my completed projects "As a Dev" page in my website.


Remember? My site has two sides. One for Developer and one for Designer. Let me introduce my Designer side.

Same as a dev, I work and worked as a Graphic Designer for multiple companies and organizations. Currently, I have a Fiverr account specially for designing YouTube Membership Badges for foreign clients. You will be able to take a look at my Designer section once published.


Who knows?